Asia IP released 2022 annual awards, ACIP was listed in the trademark and patent list!

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Recently, Asia IP, an internationally recognized IP magazine, released theirranking lists and 2022 China IP Awards for IP firms in the jurisdiction of China.

Among them, ACIP was listed on a number of rankings due to its professional team,excellent IP services, and solid reputation in industry, including

o China: Trademark Prosecution: Tier 1

o China:Trademark Contentious: Tier 2

o Patent Prosecution Firm of the Year

Todetermine the top IP firms and attorneys in the Asia-Pacific region forpatents, trademarks, and copyrights, the 2022 China IP Firm Awards list was determinedusing feedback and recommendations from lawyers, legal professionals, corporatecounsels, corporate executives, and legal experts from around the world. Theaward has been given out to outstanding professionals annually for more thanten years and is highly recognized in the Asia-Pacific area and serves as a reliablesource of information and directory.